Tehran E-Commerce Association Report on Iran's Internet Censorship - Feb 2024


In June 2023, the Tehran E-Commerce Association released the inaugural report of this kind, which was also translated into English by Project Ainita.

Now, as a follow-up, the second Iran Internet Quality report has been released by them.

This subsequent report, building upon its predecessor's groundbreaking insights and comprehensive examination, marks another significant departure from the conventional caution typically seen in internal circles. The growing urgency in the sector appears to have catalyzed a reassessment of long-standing conventions and prohibitions. The E-Commerce Association has once again delivered an in-depth analysis, this time extending their efforts to include their suggestions directly within the document, reinforcing their commitment to data driven analysis and innovative approaches.

We are pleased to provide an English translated version of the report. You can download it using the following link:

The original report in persian language can be accessed at the following link: