Tehran E-Commerce Association Report on Iran's Internet Censorship


The Tehran E-Commerce Association has recently released an in-depth and insightful report titled, "Internet Quality in Iran: An Analytical Report on Disruptions, Limitations, and Internet Speed in Iran".

The report, being one of its kind, presents an intricate overview of Iran's Internet censorship apparatus, traditionally a topic shrouded in silence due to its perceived taboo nature within the country.

This report, an exemplar of daring research and critical analysis, signifies a pivotal shift in the usual reticence observed within domestic bodies. The escalating desperation within the industry has seemingly led to the challenging of traditional norms and taboos. The E-Commerce Association not only presented a detailed analysis but also took the bold step of incorporating their recommendations in the report.

We are pleased to provide an English translated version of the report. You can download it using the following link:

The original report in persian language can be accessed at the following link: https://etchamber.ir/internet1402/