Signing up for "Chapar" / Receiving Email via SMS

Mehr news agency reported: Regarding to letter of minister of communications, in which using the public Email services with foreign hosts for all executive agencies was forbidden, the local iranian Email service companies like "Chapar" started  to be more active in giving service. Recently using foreign-hosted email services like Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail was forbidden for Iran central bank and all related operators by the minister of communications and instead, the "Chapar" which is known as "Chmail" was announced as a secure data center  for internal communications.

What is "Chmail"?

The Email service of "Chapar" is the local-hosted Email service which is known as "Chmail". Supreme Council for Information claimed that this system is developing to provide 15 languages in more than 25 different sub systems. "Chmail" with 24 hours online supporting is the first and only email service which supports the Persian language completely. It also gives the secure password recovering service, archiving system based on the user's request and data encryption.

The agreement of  "Chmail"

Like every other services through the web, the user has to agree with the rules for account to be created. This agreement is completely in Persian. Based on this agreement the system can stop working temporary or permanent with no precognition. It also says that Chmail based on its own discretion can freely block the account of those users who don't obey the rules. Users also agree that taking backup has to be done by themselves and the Chapar don't accept any responsibility in case of loosing data. Based on this agreement the users are responsible for all activities which is done under the username of this service.

Receiving Email via SMS

The other advantage of this service is the ability of receiving Emails via SMS. This service is available for Post-Paid cellphone users and the fees will be calculated by the quantity of the characters.

Chmail gives the 1 GB of space as soon as the account is created and the encryption module is written based on PGP.

خبر گزاری مهر گزارش داد: به دنبال ارسال نامه‌ وزیر ارتباطات به دستگاههای اجرایی برای ممنوعیت استفاده از ایمیلهای عمومی با میزبانی خارجی، سرویس دهندگان ایمیل داخلی برای سرویس دهی به کاربران اعلام آمادگی کردند که Chmail به عنوان یکی از این ایمیلهای داخلی معرفی می شود.

به گزارش خبرنگار مهر، پدیده پست الکترونیک (ایمیل یا رایانامه) که برای ارتقا و ایجاد بهره‌وری در زندگی انسان بوجود آمده براساس تحقیقات منتشرشده در رده تکنولوژی‌هایی قرار می گیرد که مسبب‌ تغییر و تحولات اجتماعی شده‌اند؛ براین اساس در ایران نیز با گذشت زمان و افزایش ارتباطات دجیتال و نیازمندی به ارتباطات به شدت نیازمندی به سرویس هایی زیرساختی از این جنس گسترش یافته است.