Introducing the Iranian "Traffic Analyzer" technology used for online surveillance and censorship


This is an advertising roll-up banner ( photo most probably is taken in an exhibition stand )  belong to an Iranian company, but what they are revealing in this AD is jaw dropping. Lets translate the AD, line by line for you:

Douran Traffic Analyzer 

Installed over the total Internet bandwidth of the country ( Iran )

Key Features:

  • Detection of over 170 protocols

  • Ability to log and see each users country and city location and their used protocols

  • Traffic management

  • Protocol detection and management

  • Analysis and reporting over total traffic

  • Accounting

  • Ability to record total traffic up to 2 years

  • Bandwidth Throttling over specific needed protocols

  • Blocking of specific protocols

  • Ability of "Traffic Disturbance", if needed.


Technical specification of the various models: